• Rapid Shutdown® compliant
  • Arc Fault Optional
  • Supports 30A fuses
  • Rated operating temperature -40° C to 60° C
  • Versions available for up to 32 strings
  • No additional conduit to trigger Rapid Shutdown®
Commercial 1000v Rapid Shutdown® Combiner

The new generation in Commercial Rapid Shutdown® devices are based on the successful platform which delivers maximum reliability with little to no maintenance. Working hand in hand with all popular commercial central inverters, making them efficient, user friendly and safe. The simple layout can be rapidly multiplied, particularly with large commercial rooftop systems. Installation flexibility is achieved with the ability to mount horizontally or vertically. The devices are designed for use in North America. Even the most demanding requirements are met by our premium component selection, the Innovative Rapid Shutdown® is the Solution for your code requirements.